This sermon is based on Matthew 16:13-20.


      Years ago, “The Who” asked, “Who are you?” (and if you are not right now chanting, “Who, who, who, who?” in response, you are either way too young or way too humdrum).  It’s a fun song, but more importantly, it’s a great question.  It was also an important question 2000 years ago as the people tried to figure out who Jesus was.  But how Jesus answered the “who” question is interesting. He didn’t lecture us to correct our misunderstandings.
      Instead, he gave us images and metaphors and word pictures.  He called himself the “Bread of Life.”  He wore the criticism, “friend of sinners,” as a badge of honor.  He proclaimed to all that he was “the good shepherd.”  He declared that he was the Messiah, and he announced that he was Israel’s king. Here’s the point: all of these images (and the dozens we haven’t mentioned) tell us volumes about who Jesus is.  And if we want to answer the “who” question, we must invest ourselves in Jesus’ intriguing self-descriptions.  And here’s the thing: while “The Who” may have spoken to our past (they did mine!), Jesus speaks to our eternity.  Join us for a four-part series as we wrestle with “The ‘Who’ Question.”