This sermon is based on Mark 14:43-52. You can also view each week’s sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel during the weeks we cannot meet due to Covid-19 restrictions:
The Bible starts off great. God creates this beautiful garden so that he may bless his people and dwell with them. He even calls their relationship very good. But three chapters into the story, the wheels come off; and from then on, the Bible mostly becomes a story of one failure after another. Sure, there are great success stories: Abraham (if we ignore the Hagar thing), Joseph (if we ignore his lying to his brothers), Moses (if we ignore the murder and the striking of the rock episode), Joshua (what a good guy!), the prophets, Mary and Joseph, and Jesus (I’m sure there are more, but not many more). Let’s face it, the Bible is chock full of tales of fails, but it is also full of stories of grace and redemption. Here are our two questions for this series: What can we learn from these failures so we can avoid their error? And, if we don’t learn from their mistakes, how can we find grace in spite of our failures? In short, if we are going to fall, how can we fall up and not down. Our title for this series says it all: “Falling Up: Tales of Epic Fails and the Embrace of Grace.”