This sermon introduces our new series, “A Different Mission,” and is based on Ephesians 2:13-18. You can also view each week’s sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel:


Biblically speaking, this is as sure as it gets: God is a missionary God. And this is not something new that happened with the dawning of the New Testament. No, God has always been a missionary God (That’s right, even in the Old Testament we see God at work to reach the world). In short, all of our theology starts with this truth: our God is a missionary God.

Historically speaking, River’s Edge has always been a missionary church. Ask anyone who was here at the beginning; missions was the reason we started River’s Edge. But times have changed and circumstances have changed and opportunities have changed; and as a result, things look very different today. These days, missions doesn’t appear to be the driving force behind everything we do. But don’t be fooled: missions is still our heartbeat.

Here’s the bottom line: missions at RE in 2023 and beyond is going to look different. How and in what ways? That’s the big question our new series seeks to answer: If missions is written into our DNA as a church, but we can’t “do” missions like we have in the past, how should we proceed? Here’s my answer: Buckle up: We are setting out on A DIFFERENT MISSION. We hope you will join us.