This sermon is based on Genesis 6:5-8.


Water, water everywhere,
God destroys the world he loves in a blink!
Water, water everywhere
Explain all of this and tell me what to think!
Let’s face it, the flood narrative is hard to understand.  Kids love it because it involves animals marching two-by-two and rainbows and an epic sea voyage.  What’s not to love?  But geologists frown upon it because they see no confirmation anywhere for a universal flood.  And that evidence is hard to dismiss.  But some theologians still hold fast.  They even build life-size arks in Kentucky (admission is only $48!). But other theologians just shake their heads.  For them a myth is as good as a denial.  Giants and world annihilation, a curse and a promise, animals and offerings, unchecked evil and an unleashed chaos, a righteous Noah and a naked Noah, an ark and a new beginning – the story of Noah and the Flood has it all.  But what does it all mean?  That will be our focus as we dive right into one of the Bible’s strangest stories in a series we’re calling, “Water, Water Everywhere.”