This sermon is based on Ephesians 5:15-20. You can also view each week’s sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel:


____: If ___ ___ hear ____ ___ the ________, you’re going to be  ___ ___ ___ ____ .  You ___ also ___ ___ feel ___ out. You ____ also ____ ____ aids.  I said: “Listen: If you only hear half of the conversation, you’re going to be at a real disadvantage.  You are also going to feel left out. You might also need hearing aids.” But that is what happens whenever we read the letters in the New Testament. We are only hearing half the conversation! And that is not good because you can then misread (mishear?) what the author is trying to communicate. Bottom line: Without knowing the background, you are going to be at a real disadvantage. You may even need reading aids! For instance, take the book of Ephesians.

Did you know that the central theme of the book is that Jesus is better than Artemis! What? Who? How? Now, if you knew the background, you would know! Join us, not for a dry study of one more of Paul’s letters, but for an impassioned appeal to win the hearts of God’s people in Ephesus. Trust me, it’s Better than Art.