As we celebrate our church’s 15th anniversary, it is a good time to reflect on all that God has done in our midst as well as consider the challenge from God’s Word for the year ahead. This sermon is our annual “State of the Ministry Message 2017” based on 1 Corinthians 15:58.

Series Overview:

Stanley Beamish didn’t have anything going for him. He was weak, afraid and rather pathetic. But all that changed when he took the “power pill” and he became, “Mr. Terrific,” a superhero with the strength of a thousand men (if you don’t remember this show, there may be good reason: it wasn’t so terrific). The Greatest American Hero was basically a nobody until he put on the suit; and then he became, well, the Greatest American Hero (and a great answering machine message). The “Limitless” guy was just plain and ordinary until he gained access to his brain’s full capacity (and semi-superhero status). How? By taking a secret pill. Here’s my question: what could we do to be transformed into something rather extraordinary? The answer is rather startling: It’s gratitude. See, gratitude changes us. It not only gives us a “super” perspective on life, but it also gives us a peace that transcends all understanding. This Thanksgiving season, join us for a series that looks at how thanksgiving and peace combine to do something in us that is nothing short of extraordinary. And let me just be the first to say it: gratitude and peace are terrific together and, maybe, even are the greatest together! In fact, there is just no limit to how good they are together.