Every once in a while, I come across a blog, article or posting of some sort that I think is engaging.  I may not always agree with everything in it, but I feel it is saying something we ought to consider and think about.  And when I find one of these articles, I feel it is God’s will that I steal it and post it on OUR site.  Now the technical name for this is “annexing,” as in the sentence, “Hitler annexed the Sudetenland.”  But while Hitler did it for political gain, I am doing it in Christian love.  So there.

Today, we have two stolen blogs that I would like to present to you for your consideration.  Both are presented in their entirety on their own website without any editing, obscuring or comments from me.  I just provide the links and pretend that I am annexing them as my own.

The first comes from Jim Wallis of Sojourners. The topic: how should a Christ follower vote this November in light of the Supreme Court vacancy?  It is well worth reading.  Now, I know Jim Wallis is a polarizing figure, and some (many?) of us would prefer not to read anything he writes, figuring it is all liberal, leftwing, anti-evangelical twaddle.  But here’s what I would like to say: You don’t have to agree with what he says, you just have to read it.  See, I’m not asking you to kiss him on the lips, but simply to have an open mind and interact biblically with what he says.  As GK Chesterton says: “Merely having an open mind is nothing.  The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”  So read what Wallis has to say and see if there is anything solid in there that we might find worth chewing on. Maybe, just maybe, we might find that stolen fruit actually tastes really good.

Enjoy! Here’s the first annexed blog link:


The second blog comes from Scot McKnight (from his great blog, “The Jesus Creed”).  Since he is not a polarizing figure, I can just invite you to read his article.  It is incredibly insightful and wise and has great insights on how Christ followers should approach this election.

And if you desire, you can also read Wayne Grudem’s article that sparked McKnight’s response. It is linked in Scot’s first paragraph (so that actually makes three stolen blogs!).

And in case you are keeping score: Grudem is a republican and supports voting for Trump while Wallis, I do believe, is a democrat and is anti-Trump.  Scot McKnight endorses neither Clinton nor Trump and believes that our hope rests not in politics, but in being Jesus’ church on earth.   It is a stimulating conversation.

Here’s the link to Scot’s blog:

So there – “stealers, keepers” (that’s a line I stole from author Llona Andrews.  I love being a thief)!