This interactive sermon is based on various passages in Revelation related to suffering and justice. You can also view each week’s sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel:


Codes and codebreaking—they used to be so much fun. “Dits” and “Dahs” used to mean something when put together in the right sequence. To get into the speakeasy, you needed to have the coded password (it’s “swordfish”). And if you are Ethan Hunt, when the delivery man says, “A storm is coming’,” you need to say, “I am the storm.” Let’s face it, codes are “dit-dah-dit” cool, unless you are reading Revelation. Trust me, if you are reading Revelation like it is a code book, then you are going to be in “dit-dit-dah-dah” trouble. See, Revelation wasn’t written about things to come, but things that are already here. It wasn’t written so that we could get the right date for the (pre, mid, or post) rapture on our calendar, but so we could become aware of how we are being squeezed into the world’s mold. And it wasn’t written to conceal anything, but to reveal God’s truth, hope and promises to a people who had lost sight of God’s presence. Here’s the bottom line: Far from being a “dit-dit” code book, Revelation calls us to follow in the way of the Lamb and to stand firm against the siren songs of our Babylon. So, forget the “dah-dah-dit-dah” codebook and trying to figure out the identity of the “dit-dah-dit-dah” beast and, instead, read Revelation to have your heart renovated by the good news of the coming of God’s Kingdom. After all, that was always the way it was meant to be read.