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Question: “What has four wheels and flies?” Now, that’s a question, but how would you feel if I never shared the punch line.  Would you be frustrated? I would! I hate starting a story, but never getting a chance to finish it. Last spring, we started a Sunday school class called, “Focus on the Bible.” It was designed to look at how we are to interpret, understand and apply the commands of the Bible to our lives today. Unfortunately, the class ended before I could share the “punchline”! The whole reason for the class was to build a foundation so we could intelligently interact with several critical biblical passages that speak to our identity as a church (and without all of that, it will be very hard for us to find our new pastor). But for a host of reasons, we never got to the “punchline.” We neither established the foundation nor engaged those passages! This series, however, seeks to correct that misstep. First, the foundation: How should we interpret and apply the commands in the Bible?  Second, the interaction: three small focus groups (10 to 12 members in each) will take place immediately after this series to apply all of this to our church. Make no mistake: this series is absolutely crucial for us as we chart a path forward with a new pastor. Your participation is essential.  Join us and let your voice be heard as we seek “A Clear Focus.” And the answer to, “What has four wheels and flies”? It’s obviously a garbage truck. See, you need the “punchline!”