RESURRECTION SUNDAY: This sermon is based on Philippians 2:6-11.

Series Overview:

Choice: it is what makes life rich and interesting. YOU get to choose things that will determine your tomorrows.   But it is even more than that: “We are our choices” (Jean-Paul Sartre). Now sometimes, our choices are limited (sometimes by finances, sometimes by personal restrictions, and sometimes by a host of odd coincidences).  But think about what we could achieve if we had infinite possibilities, possibilities that we could actually materialize?  We could do almost anything and be almost anything. Now before we start claiming untapped and unlimited potential, let us change the focus from us to God.  God, being God, really could choose any path and actualize any possibility; but when it came to the incarnation, God chose the path of suffering, of rejection, of abandonment and of sorrow.   As hard as it is to grasp, Good Friday was always God’s first choice.  In this Lenten season, we want to consider the path Jesus chose to take for us and for our salvation and come face-to-face with the often-overlooked cost of our redemption, a redemption Jesus willingly paid for us.