This sermon is based on 1 Samuel 2:22-25.


Parenting is impossible, and nothing is more impossible. And, at the same time, nothing is more important or more wonderful. And kids are great (unless they are being impossible, which they tend to be, oftentimes). Now, for impossible times like this, what we need is the Bible. But the Bible is not a “How-to Manual” that gives five-easy-steps to parenting success. Instead, the Bible speaks grace into our lives so that we have hope in times of need. And the Bible gives us principles so that we can have a clear vision for what’s important in life. And the Bible inclines our hearts to wisdom so we can learn to navigate life. And the Bible gives us plenty of examples of bad parenting so we can learn from their mistakes (and yes, it also gives us a sufficient number of examples of good parenting, too). See, being a perfect parent is impossible, plus it is not the goal (plus, “perfect parents” are a pain in the neck). Instead, our goal is to be Errant Parents who are filled with grace, forgiveness, faith and love. Join us for a four-part series that speaks into the impossibilities of all of our relationships and gives us good hope to make a difference in someone else’s life.