This sermon is based on Romans 14:1-23. You can also view each week’s sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel during the weeks we cannot meet due to Covid-19 restrictions:

A few months ago, I let my dark secret slip: Romans is close to being my least favorite book in the Bible (Nahum may be less appealing, but just barely). People were mortified when they heard this. Worse, they were bewitched, bothered and bewildered. I could have said I was a member of the Communist Party and received less questions (and less prayers for my salvation). After all, how could anyone NOT love Romans? Its theological argument flows so logically. It was the book that led Luther to rediscover salvation by grace alone. The “Roman Road” has led many seekers to Christ. And Romans is not only Paul’s gospel, but it may be the best articulation of the gospel anywhere. Yes, even after all of that, Romans is still in my list of least favorite books. But then I discovered a secret. The key to understanding and appreciating Romans is to read it backwards! I know it sounds like cheating, but starting with chapter 16 makes a huge difference!  But don’t take my word for it. Take Paul’s. In this series, we will explore what Paul says in chapters 12-16 and see how these five chapters provide the lens through which all of Romans comes into focus. See, when in Romans, it’s best to start at the end!